Sitting on a rooftop in Brooklyn, we realized that the difference between doing it and not doing it was taking a risk.

Musa Rota reflects on our values, our way of doing things, and our lifestyle.

We are inspired by the nostalgia of the 90’s, graffiti and its history, hip hop, and various art movements.

Contemporary artist, poet, and designer.

“I come from the world of art, and I’ve always understood fashion as a transversal language that communicates something.”

In that “communication” I have been dreaming for years of creating my own project, of contributing my vision to the world. I have an inner drive that has brought me here, teaming up with the best person I know to fulfill this shared dream.

Creative, chaotic, sensitive, controversial, and with great ambition. Connected to art, fashion, graffiti, feminism, and animals. I bring together all these facets of myself to express my world through Musa Rota.

Artist and craftsman.

“I have spent my whole life dedicating myself in the background to what truly made me happy.”

I have always felt the need to create, which has led me to try all the disciplines within my reach, attempting to balance my passion for art with my excessive perfectionism when bringing it to life.

In fashion, I find many similarities with everything I have done so far, and although it is something new to me, I am fortunate to share this experience with my partner and form the perfect team for this crazy venture called Musa Rota.



We follow our own impulses to create a creative space, without censorship, with freedom of expression, and the right to make mistakes, correct ourselves, and reinvent ourselves.


We bring creative solutions by experimenting with our artistic facets and adapting them to the language of fashion.


We have turned our passion into our work. We want to be more than a clothing brand. We seek to incorporate innovative designs and materials to create our own identity.


Fun is part of the working process. It is not exclusive to seriousness and commitment.


Through our personal networks, we have always promoted a message of educating in love and respect. We also do this through our brand, aiming to encourage more conscious consumption.


We have a commitment to people, animals, and the environment.